microARRANGER 61 Mini Key Portable Keyboard Arranger

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Expert Review

Just as cell phones got smaller but also ironically began to offer way more than what could fit into the phones of the past, the Korg microARRANGER keyboard provides a slew of incredible music-making features into one compact unit that weighs less than 10 pounds. With 61 keys strewn across 34, this is a keyboard you can transport easily in your car or even in your hands. Despite its small size, the microARRANGER comes equipped with over 650 sounds, 89 effects, 304 styles, and a 16-track sequencer. Four single touch setting buttons allow you to split up sounds, layer them across the keyboards, and switch between them with just one button. This is ideal for when you’re playing gigs and want to have your favorite sounds cued up and ready to go. The keyboard’s Jukebox function allows you to stack up backing tracks that can be triggered and played in a sequence, with realistic sounding instrument sounds like drums, keyboards, horns, and more. You can also load songs into the sequencer via the unit’s SD card slot.Rating: 5/5

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