Midland Midland Wr120 All-hazard Weather Alert Radio

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    The WR120 features Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) localized reception technology. This allows you to program the radio to sound up to 80 different event codes and multiple county codes to send up-to-the-minute weather alerts pertaining to specific regions where you or loved ones reside. It also comes with up to 25 available programmable counties so you can select the alarm type whether voice, tone, or display alerts.

    The display is easy to read and features large digital letters and numbers with a continuous backlighting option so it can be seen in low-light or dark areas. All you need are a pair of AA batteries to keep it working, in case you lose power. When things aren't so grim, it also doubles as an alarm clock with a snooze option. You also get 7 NOAA channels with warnings for all types of natural disasters.Rating: 4.5/5

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