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    The two biggest complaints about Apple's gift to communication and mobile Internet browsing is that there never seems to be enough battery life, and it's all too easy to break. Mophie addresses both problems in one elegant package with the Juice Pack Air. The case/battery adds up to six hours of talk time or web browsing and up to 270 hours of standby time. It also keeps the phone powered for up to nine hours of video and 36 hours of audio. Its hard shell protects the back and sides of the iPhone, though there's no protection for the screen. Heavier users may want to also look at Mophie's Juice Pack Plus, which offers the same protection with more battery power, albeit in a thicker package.Rating: 4.5/5

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    • Veronica Veronica

    I purchased this case due to the battery dying in my 3GS within 12 hours easily. I have tried everything and unfortunately could not fix the issue. This is a big problem for me considering I have my phone jailbroken with a tethered jailbrake so my battery dying is NOT an option unless I am near a computer. I ask this, what sense does it make to create a phone (that is amazing) that has all of the awesome apps as the iPhone but yet dies because of the terrible battery life. I did extensive research and finally decided on the purple late generation Mophie Juice Pack Air. I have to say off the top I LOVE IT! I hate how big it is as I have always been the kind of person who would put invisible shield (on my last 2 3G devices) or an ultra thin case usually 1mm thick or thinner. Having said that, this was a HUGE deal for me to move over to this size of a case. I really don't mind the thickness though because it is shaped like the iphone. I will also note that I am a female so I carry my phone in my purse or carry it in my hand. I don't EVER put in my pocket so if that is something you do you might not like the bulkiness of this case. It is quite large and could potentially kill someone should you throw it at them with enough strength ;) JOKE!I charged the case and phone separately and then put them together using the juice pack first and then once it was dead working off the device battery. It lasted about a day and a half with VERY heavy use. I am a texter and can usually maintain 3 conversations at one time all while checking my facebook every minute, emails, games of scrabble, listening to music, and talking on the phone.Needless to say, aside from the bulk this case is AMAZING! Protects the phone just as I like and keeps the battery charged (which will be entirely different for everyone based on your usage).I will also note based on all of the reviews I read before that I have not had problems with the design of the cap or unit. My phone slides in and out with ease and fits very snug. I have not had issues with my reception, wifi, bluetooth, or any other features as of yet. I am happy to know that if I do have an issue that customer service will be good. So I take heart in that. End to a long review....get it if you need more battery. Clearly I did and this was the perfect fit for me as I can now feel free to use the phone as it was intended. NOT turn everything off and barely touch and honestly don't even look at it in hopes of reserving the battery.

    Posted on 3/10/2010 3:50 pm | Reply