Motorola CLP1040 Lightweight Portable Two-Way Radio / Intercom

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    Running a small business can be very competitive. You can’t have employees walking from one end of the store to the other, trying to find one little piece of information. Making sure you are supporting maximum use of employees’ time is key to running an efficient business. Likewise in your home. You can't run a peaceful, efficient home if you are always scrambling around trying to communicate with other people in it. This wireless Motorola intercom makes these tasks easy and effective as they have been a leader in the wireless business for decades. Many of the wireless intercom features we take for granted today, were established by the Motorola brand. This CLP104 model is perfect for small business, around the house, in the garage, or even as a monitor for a private room. Some of the channel features include a scanner, a monitored channel, and internal antennae, so you will be able to listen to your channels without actually having to keep your wireless intercom next to you at all times. You can program it to run in the background, and come check it out only when something of interest comes up. Operating off 4-channels, you will also be able to scramble your messages so others can’t hear them. Typical talk range can go as high as 10,000-feet ; that’s 10-floors for you construction guys. There are also 99-UHF business channels in case you are operating outside, and need to have your own private line while calling your spouse to bring more burgers for the grill. While these frequencies are not secure, you can certainly find one to have your own conversation. Being Motorola, they have their own use of 39+ Analog / 84+ Digital Interference Eliminator Codes, making this one of the most versatile intercoms in the market. Depending on your use, you will be able to have private conversations without interfering with your other wireless products in your home. This model is often used by those in a large home, but can also be used in doctors’ offices, police stations, restaurants, and other in-house businesses that need to communicate over a long distance. Because it uses a rechargeable battery pack, you will be able to drop it in its cradle between uses, allowing it to recharge periodically throughout the day.Rating: 4.25/5

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