MSI Violins Solid Body Electric Violin

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Expert Review

MSI Violins are the creation of Dan Maloney who formerly worked at Zeta Music Systems, the undisputed pioneers and leaders of the electric violin wave for many years. These beautiful handcrafted pieces have a height-adjustable bridge/pickup system giving them possibly the warmest tone of any electric violin on the market right now. The instrument I tested had a few notes that seemed a bit "hotter" than others, but a professional adjustment of the bridge might even out the sound.

The MSI also had a narrower neck than most other electric violins which helped it feel more like a traditional instrument. These violins have been described as having a very "acoustic-like" tone, while still providing the feedback-killing advantages of a solid-body electric instrument. Options include 4 or 5 strings, and traditional or mandolin-style tuning pegs.Rating: 4.5/5

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