Muramatsu DS Flute

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Expert Review

The Muramatsu DS features a complete solid silver construction with a handmade headjoint which has been carefully researched, designed and tested to allow players to produce a wide range of great tone colors. The drawn tone holes and the raised area the keys cover are shaped using the material of the flute body itself. This makes the flute lighter in weight and provides less resistance when blowing for an open, easy responding sound.

Keys are attached to the instrument via the French pointed arm system where the rods pass through the center of the keys for maximum facility and provide reliable sealing of the pads to avoid leaks. The DS model comes standard with a D-sharp roller key to make tricky key combinations easier to navigate. The white gold springs are flexible, enabling quick and responsive key action. The Muramatsu DS is available with an inline or offset G-key, with or without a split E mechanism or a C-sharp trill key, depending on the personal sound and preferences of the player.Rating: 5/5

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