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  1. Best Cymbals Winner: Sabian AAX 14 Stage Hats Nothing is more important to a drummer than their cymbal sound. The right cymbals will stay with you for your... Best Cymbals
  2. Best Snare Drum Winner: Ludwig Black Beauty LB416BT 5x14" Brass Snare Drum Of any drum, the snare is the one with the most character and the main component in defining a drummer's... Best Snare Drum
  3. Best Snare Stand Winner: Pearl S930 Snare Stand The snare drum stand is an important piece of hardware which, as its name implies, holds the snare drum in... Best Snare Stand
  4. Best Cymbal Stand Winner: Pearl BC930 Boom Cymbal Stand Cymbal stands are the most abundant piece of hardware present in any drummer's setup. The following lists... Best Cymbal Stand
  5. Best Metronome Winner: Tama Rhythm Watch RW200 The metronome is a powerful musical teaching tool and within the last few years, the technology behind it has... Best Metronome
  6. Best PA System Winner: Peavey Escort 6000 Channel PA System Public address systems (hereafter referred to as PA systems, or PAs) are comprised of three components: the... Best PA System