MusicMan Bongo 6-String Bass Guitar

Expert Review

At first glance, the Music Man Bongo 6-string bass guitar looks like something off the set of a sci-fi thriller. Its distinct body style definitely makes it stand out in a crowd, particularly with the cool-looking headstock design which could also serve as a intergalactic scepter or space-age weapon if push came to shove. But this axe has more going for it than just looks as its basswood body offers quick response and a full spectrum of tonal possibilities.

The Music Man Bongo 6 comes in a variety of pickup configurations, letting you choose between dual humbuckers or single humbucker setups. Either way, the electronics sound great with a 4-band EQ which allows you to really find the tone that works best for your style and technique. Bass, treble, and mid knobs can take you anywhere you want to go, from a flat tone to a more boosted bass sound to adding treble for brightening up the mix. The 17.5 mm spacing between strings makes this bass guitar a great candidate for those looking to get their slap on, but the overall spread at 3.5 inches ensures you won’t split your hand open handling this bad boy.Rating: 5/5

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