MXR M-107 Phase 100 Effects Pedal

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Expert Review

MXR’s Phase 100 phase shifter pedal is most often compared to the MXR Phase 90, the former offering more options than its little brother. Although this unit is most commonly associated with electric guitars, it can also be used to great effect with bass, vocals, and keys. The Phase 100 is actually like having four different phaser pedals, as the unit’s intensity switch offers sounds from four different options, each with its own distinct voice.

The range of sounds offered from the Phase 100 gives you all that you’ll ever need from a phase shifter pedal. Take on a slow, creamy sound or speed things up with a faster rotary-style phase; this pedal sounds great on clean tones, and you can run it with distortion or overdrive to truly unlock some cool harmonic layers that are enhanced by the phasing effect. This pedal is also quite durable, meaning you won’t have to worry about any sort of damage when you take it out on the road.Rating: 5/5

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