NAD C 516BEE CD Player

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Expert Review

The NAD C 516BEE does full justice to the audiophile-trusted NAD brand name, and delivers the same great sound enthusiasts have trusted for decades. While it is nowhere near as feature-rich as the other players listed here, and doesn't play on the same field sound-wise, it's a great choice for any first serious home system. NAD's no-frills design betrays the well-known compromise of function over form, another of NAD's brand trademarks: the simple black metal casing and minimalist interface belie the 516's sophisticated sound. With a balanced and punchy signature, this NAD delivers an easy-to-like sound that will disappoint neither consumer nor audiophile, but it possesses one remarkable feature in particular that sets it apart from other players in the range: its sonic image. The soundstage presented by the 516 is big enough to handily best others in its price range, both in size and accuracy, and the stereo imaging is phenomenal. Depth and width are both exceptional, not just for the price, but in general; this NAD will push all but the very finest headphones to the limits of their soundstage performance, and will do justice to very high quality speakers, as well. If you are looking for a true audiophile CD player on a budget, this is your best pick.Rating: 4/5

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