NAD T 572 5-Disc DVD/CD Changer

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Expert Review

Despite being out of production, the NAD T 572 (and it's nearly-identical younger sibling, the T 571) is perhaps the only production changer that can truly be considered an audiophile-grade source. Sporting dual 24/96k Burr Brown DACs and both optical and coaxial outputs, it comes ready to be integrated into any high-end system short of a balanced rig. The T 572 sports NAD's trademark minimalist, function-over-form design and a smooth sliding tray that combines to give it the feel of equipment designed to perform as it should..

The sound quality for either movies or music is excellent. A 3D space and the imaging within it are well-represented by speaker systems capable of producing such an effect, and most headphones will showcase their full headstage capabilities with the NAD as a source and a decent amplifier. The signal is clean, quiet, and respectably detailed, with a balanced sound tilted slightly towards warmth, but without significant bass emphasis. As a whole, the NAD is an easy recommendation for any audiophile looking for an easy solution to constant CD swapping, as it outperforms its only competitors from Denon and Onkyo in both solidity of build and overall sound quality.Rating: 5/5

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