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When a company such as Bentley chooses to use Naim components in their cars, you know you're dealing with some serious hardware. Naim Audio delivers audiophile-grade products for a premium price tag, with a no-compromise approach to build quality and the resulting performance. The original NaimUniti changed a lot for the company; although some purists disapproved of the all-in-one combination, it contributed to sales success in a portion of the market often ignored by high-end brands.

The new NaimUniti 2 doesn't get a lot of upgrades over the original, but is nonetheless an excellent choice for those coming from a different receiver or simply wanting the latest-and-greatest. This stereo receiver offers tank-like build quality, with the large power transformer contributing to a hefty weight. This has resulted in a rating of 70 watts per channel, delivering powerful and detailed sound output.

Connectivity is as good as expected, despite lacking in features such as AirPlay. The front panel has a USB port and a 3.5mm input supporting both digital and analog audio while the rear has four digital inputs (two optical, two coaxial), three analog stereo inputs, a pre-amp output, RCA line out, two mono subwoofer outs, and a phono input. Unlike the last model, there’s also a mini-USB socket on the rear for firmware updates.

A built-in iPod/iPhone/iPad dock is also included, as are a CD player and FM radio capability. A Burr-Brown PCM1793 digital-to-analog converter ensures there’s less distortion and better overall sound, regardless of format. Built-in WiFi is included although Naim does recommend sticking to Ethernet when possible for better stability.

When investing in a receiver such as this, it is important to ensure that your setup is up to par because cheaper speakers and other components won’t allow a high-end piece of equipment such as this to truly shine. Although the NaimUniti 2 offers far too much to list out here, it’s a powerhouse of a stereo receiver, delivering excellent design, engineering, and build quality. This results in a piece of audio equipment ensuring the best purity of sound possibleas long as you're willing to pay for it.Rating: 5/5

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