Naish 2015 Hokua 9.0 GT Stand Up Paddleboard

Expert Review

The 2015 Hokua 9.0 GT Surfing Stand Up Paddle Board by Naish is a versatile paddle board that performs in ocean surf and on flat water. The Hokua has a concave nose and V-shaped tail, allowing for quicker acceleration and sharp maneuvers; depending on your skill level, the Hokua can be easily maneuvered in large surf.

The EVA foam deck pad is comfortable enough for day-long excursions and the Hokua has incredibly buoyancy for a short board because of the lightweight EPS core. Wooden reinforcements added under the deck pad give this board extra flex so it pops off of waves. At 28 and three quarters of an inch wide, the Hokua 9.0 GT is a stable, yet responsive surfing SUP and since it only weighs only 18.7 pounds, you get a SUP which is incredibly lightweight for its size.Rating: 5/5

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