Naish Surfing 2015 Glide 14.0 GS Racing and Touring SUP

Expert Review

The 2015 Glide 14.0 GS Touring and Racing Stand Up Paddle Board is built for speed. The sleek rocker on the latest version of the glide is designed to for increased speed and the tapered tail allows the Glide14.0 to cut across open ocean like it was flat water. The 9 inch fin allows the Glide to track well even in choppy conditions with minimal effort.

With the thick diamond groove EVA deck pad on the recessed standing area, the Glide is comfortable and stable for long excursions. The Glide is built to last through years of salt and sun while featuring an extremely buoyant foam core supporting a 280 liter capacity. The skin of the board is a highly durable fiberglass layup with a carbon bottom for extra rigidness. The Glide comes in two widths, 29 and 30 inches, weighing 35 and 37 pounds respectively.Rating: 5/5

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