Neat Ultimatum XLS Loudspeaker

Expert Review

Neat's Ultimatum XLS are gonna cost you around $10,000 a pair but you get so much from this speaker that you will only be interested in this speaker if you seek what your home system was missing. Neat brings the XLS with five drive units, which is a little unconventional but the XLS generate a sound quality that is unparalleled in this price range. With the two EMIT tweeters isolated from the mid/bass for "bleed" prevention, Neat takes the design a step farther by designing the enclosures inside the cabinet to enhance driver performance. This makes the low end immersive, with your eyes closed listening to these speakers its easy to imagine they're twice the size. The XLS have superior sound quality and design and with that comes another thing you may not take into account speaker stands. Most high end bookshelf speakers come with dedicated stands that in some cases help the way your speakers sound. The XLS have dedicated stands that cost around $1,500 a pair, so you would want to factor in space and replacement costs.Rating: 5/5

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