Nike Vapor Hybrid Clubs

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Expert Review

The Nike Vapor Flex hybrid clubs are brand new for 2015 but they’re thoroughly impressive for the amount of technology they bring to the table. This club combines a number of unique features like Compression Channel and NexCOR face technologies which really provide added ball speed and greater distance. These clubs have an incredibly low center of gravity so there’s a high launch and low spin; two things great for any golfer looking to boost their overall performance with a hybrid.

The versatility of this hybrid elevates it to another level. FlexLoft 2 technology provides 15 different launch options, giving you the ability to change the pattern and setup of the club as your game evolves. While this isn’t something necessarily ground-breaking for the game of golf as a whole, it’s definitely unique to hybrids, as they’ve only begun to see customization options implemented.Rating: 4/5

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