Nixie Ramos Alarm Clock

Expert Review

With it's postmodern-meets-steampunk aesthetic, the Nixie Ramos is one of the coolest alarm clocks on the market at the moment, with a speaker that can crank out over 86 decibels. To put that in perspective, that's about the noise level output of a train whistle approaching the station. But don't think you can just reach over and punch a button to shut this thing down, the Nixie Ramos requires a little more attention than that. It's been designed for you to get up out of bed and go to a wireless Defuse Panel and punch in a code that will send a signal to the main unit to shut down. It's up to you where to place that Defuse Panel so that you are up and out of bed at the proper time.

Don't worry, the rest of the clock functions are way easier than that to operate using a rotary dial to set the time, there's no need for repetitive button pushing to set your alarm. The Nixie Ramos comes with a few helpful modes as well, a Snooze Mode that lets you have a limited number of snoozes before it goes off, a Lockdown Mode that prevents you from resetting your wake up time before it's about to go off, and Courtesy Mode where the alarm goes off for a quick 10 seconds only, then waits a full minute for you to get out of bed and defuse the alarm before it sounds off.

Of course, what really makes this clock stand out is just how great it looks &ndsah; available in dark walnut or light maple, the Nixie Ramos uses (what else?) four nixie tubes to display the time. These types of bulbs were mainly used in Cold War era Soviet tanks and space-craft and are still in limited use today for a number of different applications.Rating: 5/5

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