Nokian i3 All Season Tire

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As of September 29th, 2009

Expert Review

The Nokian name is little-known in North America, and even fewer people realize that they make more than winter tires. The i3 is Nokian’s high performance all season tire, though it features characteristics of both an all-season radial and a summer touring tire. This means you get smooth, quiet performance when the road conditions are agreeable and confidence-inspiring traction when they are not. The plethora of circumferential grooves allows effective hydroplaning resistance for increased wet grip. The lateral sipes endow this tire with light snow handling capabilities, so you’re not stranded when the snow falls (though Nokian advises dedicated winter tires for winter driving). It’s easy enough to dismiss Nokian tires as the unknown oddballs in a market saturated with familiar brands, but that would be a mistake as the i3 is easily one of the higher-performing high performance all season tires you can buy today. Rating: 4.75/5

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