Omron BF306 Body Fat Loss Monitor

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    Taking a unique approach to the monitoring of body fat percentage and BMI, the folks at Omron have designed a hand-held device that can easily detect each by just gripping it with both hands. The BF306 uses bioelectrical impedance technology; a common method that uses general information such as age, gender, body weight, and combines it with electrical resistance found in the extremities like hands or feet. In the case of this device, the hands are the thing; with a set of electrodes in the handles, users grip the monitor with both hands and an undetectable electrical current passes from one hand to the other via the arms and torso. In seconds, the device comes back with a reading that gives you body fat and BMI measurements. Set-up is simple and straightforward, just input your personal data: height, weight, gender, age and level of fitness and you're pretty much ready to get accurate readings. The device can even be used by multiple users, all with their own settings and information data.Rating: 5/5

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