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    If you've browsed the battery section in an auto parts store any time within the past couple of decades, you've almost certainly seen Optima's distinctively designed batteries sharing shelf space with dozens of regular black boxes. Unlike traditional batteries that rely on flat lead plates submerged in an acid bath, the RedTop utilizes spirally-wound plates separated by a fiberglass mat encased in each cylinder-shaped housing. This layout allows more of the lead surface to remain in contact with the battery acid. When combined with the claimed purity of the lead (99.99% according to Optima), this allows the RedTop to dramatically outperform similarly-sized batteries when it comes to starting amps and discharge rate. As an added bonus, the RedTop is completely sealed and will therefore not leak acid when tilted or inverted. These batteries tend to carry a higher price tag than competitors, but the extra performance certainly brings peace of mind - especially in harsh climates where starting your engine can often be a gamble.Rating: 4.75/5

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