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Optimim Polymer Technologies is a company founded in 2001 by a PhD in polymer and organic chemistry, who had a background in automotive paint research and development. You'll need only a maximum of about one ounce of product to clean an entire vehicle, meaning that the Optimum Car Wash will last a long time even with regular use.This product creates a thick lather to lubricate abrasive particles, allowing them to slide off your paint without scratching it. Optimum Car Wash preserves protective coatings so you don't need to reapply your wax or sealant, and rinses off even with cold water. The formula is also biodegradable, allowing it to go easy on the environment.Rating: 4.5/5

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It would be a complete review. If other waterless washers can be included1. Freedom waterless carwashhttp://freedomwaterlesscarwash.com/2. Ecotouch waterless carwashhttp://www.ecotouch.net/3. Driwash waterless carwashhttp://www.driwashsolutions.com/4. No-Wet Waterless Car Wash http://www.nowet.com/5. Detail Magichttp://www.detailmagic.tv/This are some of the waterless carwash available out there. If there would be a side by side comparison in terms of their "shine", how long they maintain it, UV protection and pricing...Then the true best can be determined...

Posted on 11/10/2009 11:39 am | Reply