Origin Genesis Pro X2 Intel C612 Workstation

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Expert Review

If you're doing editing work that requires a lot of power (such as rendering 3D graphics and editing HD video) then this is definitely the computer for you. Keep in mind you're going to pay a lot for this level of performance, so this pick it primarily meant for someone doing professional editing.

This is a dual-CPU setup that has two Intel XEON octa-core processors, though you can upgrade it all the way up to a pair of Intel XEON octadeca-core CPUs for unbelievable performance. While this rig doesn’t come with a video card by default, you can upgrade it with a pair of workstation graphics cards or up to four standard video cards in a Quad setup. It has 32GB of DDR4 memory but can be loaded with up to 128GB of RAM and there are bays for up to seven hard drives, including a hot-swap cage with five bays.

The default hard drive is only 500GB, but it’s a solid state drive which makes it a tremendous deal. If you need to build an insanely powerful computer for editing, with just about every customization option you could want, then this pick is as good as it gets.Rating: 5/5

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