OSD Outdoor Subwoofer Rock Audio RSUB300

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Expert Review

The RSUB 300 might not be the prettiest outdoor woofer, betraying its true purpose with an easily visible vented grille, but it serves its purpose well, and as long as it’s surrounding by other rocks, plants, or garden flora, it won’t stand out like a sore thumb. The build doesn’t feel as premium as most standard subwoofers, but it is fully weather-proofed and designed to be left outdoors as a permanent part of your backyard setup. The bass it produces is very smooth; it isn’t the tightest, and audiophiles will probably prefer Polk’s Sub 10, which has a flatter response, but it is a very intoxicating sound, putting a bit of extra emphasis above 60hz to create a rich, buttery sound that lovers of a bit of extra midbass will surely appreciate. It works very well in combination with OSD’s OM-SUB200, allowing the cheaper underground unit to recreate the lowest of lows that are felt rather than heard, giving the RSUB300 the freedom to handle midbass duties and create the rich fullness that subwoofers are loved for. If you plan on buying a full outdoor system, this combination can help take it to the next level.Rating: 4.25/5