Pacific Cornetta Screaming Meanie Alarm Clock

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    Pacific Cornetta no doubt had the hard of hearing in mind when they came up with the Screaming Meanie (though they claim it was designed for long-haul truckers to make their deadlines on time). The clock has three alarm settings to help you wake up, ranging from an already loud 70 decibels (about the sound of a dial tone) to 95 decibels (powerful as a jackhammer), all the way up to a walloping 120 decibels (a Foo Fighters concert). The high-pitched, piercing shriek is unrelenting and won't stop until you physically press three buttons all at once to stop its tortuous din. You may be wondering why you need so much audible firepower on the go. Sure, this is clearly meant for deep, heavy sleepers; but at just six inches long, this tiny terror can fit in your pocket or purse for convenient travel. After all, it was intended for truckers.Rating: 4.75/5

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