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    Paiste’s 2002 cymbals are an important part of drumming history because they capture the amazing sound of 70s era drummers. These cymbals have a classic sound that is unique and leaves you wanting to hear more. In fact, the Paiste 2002 cymbal pack is the ideal choice for a drummer in a classic rock band or anyone looking for a retro sound.

    The 2002 Cymbal Pack includes a 20-inch ride cymbal, 16-inch medium crash and 14-inch Sound Edge hi-hats. The cymbals are made from a CuSn8 bronze alloy (commonly referred to as 2002 Bronze) and have a unique finish that’s somewhat brilliant (but not too flashy) along with red lettering which completes the retro-look. They have a sound that is warm and very unique in addition to being very articulate cymbals with an almost flat decay.

    The Sound Edge hi-hats have a rippled bottom hat to control air pockets and create a crisp closure. The 16-inch medium ride is a bit heavier that most crash cymbals included in packs, and this makes it a bit more durable for live playing. The 2002 ride has the sound you hear on many of the famous classic rock albums and it’s a joy to play because of the cymbals level of responsiveness. This set is usually packaged with a cymbal bag for added protection as well as adding to the overall value.Rating: 4.5/5

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