Panamax M5400-PM Home Theater Power Conditioner

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    Though at first glance the M5400-PM may look identical to Panamax’s other offerings, this one offers a very unique feature. Alongside a full complement of surge protection, the M5400-PM provides active voltage regulation which can prevent your equipment from being damaged by power fluctuations. The M5400-PM alerts you immediately when the incoming voltage is over or under reasonable limits and takes action to protect your connected devices. This unit is also a full-fledged surge protector with a UL1449 clamping rating of 330 volts and an energy dissipation limit of 2125 joules. If all else fails, Panamax backs up their product with an amazing $5,000,000 warranty/insurance which will repair or replace any damaged equipment in case of product malfunction.Rating: 5/5

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