Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth Cellular Convergence Solution with 4 Handsets

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Panasonic has upgraded their popular KX-7644M cordless phone system with the KX-TGE274S. The average talk time duration on a single battery charge for each handset is about 10 hours, with features aplenty such as conferencing, speakerphone, a headset jack and Caller ID that goes one step further than many other systems. Not only can you set it to block calls of unwanted numbers but the KX-TGE274S has Talking Caller ID on both the handset and the base, announcing the number in a clear, easy to understand vocal thus saving you a trip to physically grab the phone and see the number calling. There's also a link-to-cell feature that works with every Bluetooth capable handset. Not only is every device on the system compatible with the wireless headset but you can use the signal to link your handset to your cell phone in mid-call. So if your smartphone battery is dying, no need to hang up and call back; just link the handset to your mobile and keep talking.

Large keypads with bright LCD screens that can accommodate full size lettering, as well as the system's ability to expand from four to six handsets are just a few more reasons why we love this cordless system. Did we mention one of the best ideas anyone has ever come up with, for any product ever -- Panasonic has added a Key Detector feature on this phone system. Attach the Detector unit to your keychain and the next time you can't locate your keys, just use any of the handsets to set off a signal that will make the unit beep out loud to help you track them down. The system even lets you program four different Detectors and you can assign names to each so you know which keys you're signaling.Rating: 5/5

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