Paradigm Center 3 Center Channel Speaker

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The Monitor series is a very neutral, detailed setup that is voiced for both professional and home use, and it genuinely excels at both. Like the Revel C12, the Center 3 (not to be confused with Paradigm's Signature C3, which is substantially more expensive) has both the soundstage and neutrality to make it exceedingly versatile, ideal for any reference system and easily usable for music, movies, and studio production to boot. While not quite as detailed and effortless as the C12, the Center 3 showcases an equally impressive soundscape and a similar neutrality, with a bit of extra sparkle that can sound very exciting with the right music, but isn't quite as close to true neutrality as the C12. It manages to do this without very much sibilance, an impressive feat, especially when compared to Bowers and Wilkin's popular HTM61, which sports a similar brightness, yet tends to be more revealing of sibilance, especially in poor recordings. The Center 3 is a great alternative to the HTM61, and can be found for substantially less to boot.Rating: 4.75/5

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