Paradigm Signature Collection Home Theater Speakers

Expert Review

With the advent of their thunderous Sub2 subwoofers and Signature8 loudspeakers, Paradigm stands poised to challenge the likes of JBL and Klipsch for their respective crowns as masters of the explosive and involving listening experience with a sound that defies traditional conceptions of high-end systems. Paradigms top-of-the-line range 7.2 includes the C5 center channel, two Signature8 floorstanders, four ADP1 sattelites, and two Sub2 subwoofers. This system produces sound that is both well-balanced and extremely powerful, with the Signature8 avoiding the occasionally over-exciting highs produced by the Everest and Palladium speakers, and remaining smooth at all times, while the Sub2s deliver absolutely mind-boggling bass depth and power while remaining totally free of distortion or midbass bloom.

A single Sub2 can rattle walls, but two of them can be electronically tuned to remain lower in volume while putting out astonishing levels of the lowest frequencies, delivering a tactile response that makes the S1S-EX woofers sound like oversized chest-thumping gorillas in comparison. While the system as a whole cant quite match the incredible realism and effortlessness of the Synthesis Everest, and true audiophiles will likely opt for the JBLs true-to-life feel, the Paradigm Signature Collection offers a new signature for HiFi sound, and anyone more concerned with a systems performance in creating incredibly tactile bass while maintaining an incredible tonal balance should look to Paradigm for a smoother alternative to the industrys bigger names.Rating: 4.75/5

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