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Paradigm may not have the commercial exposure of companies like MartlinLogan or Bowers & Wilkins, but with the advent of the Sub 2, I have a feeling they will be gaining popularity rapidly, given just how much bass is used in modern music and the ever-broadening market for upscale home audio. The Sub 2 is, to my knowledge, the most powerful single-unit traditional subwoofer in production, and accomplishes this feat with style. Its six 10-inch woofers are housed in a handsome enlosure crafted from your choice of piano-finish black, black ash, or cherry, which can easily be mistaken for a fancy side table adjacent to your seating arrangement, although resting a full glass on the Sub 2 could be a risky endeavor.

Simply put, the bass produced by the Sub 2 is stunning, especially considering its size. It is not by any means intended for use in a smaller space, or, in truth, anything short of a decently sized dedicated home theater, or perhaps the living room of a house with an open layout. It reaches incredibly deep, down to 12 hz, and can reproduce the highly sought-after 20hz frequency with impressive control and authority; most subs can't go below 30hz, and most that can reach this low barely manage to do so. Though the amount of bass produced is enormous, it is never boomy or uncontrolled, and always reproduces the recordings it is fed faithfully, especially when its room correction technology, similar to that of the DB1, is used properly. That said, it is a very powerful unit, so be sure that the rest of your system is on par if you are going to introduce the Sub 2 into your setup.

If you have the cash to throw around, and really want the most powerful, impressive bass that the industry has to offer, look no further: the Sub 2 will have you rattling walls and shocking visitors for years to come.Rating: 4.75/5

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