Pasquini Q10 Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Expert Review

If price is no object and you want bragging rights in your neighborhood, then the self-cleaning Pasquini Q10 Super Automatic Espresso Machine is exactly what you need. It features two smart boilers fed by two one-liter tanks which automatically keep the temperature of both water and the milk the same. There’s also two bean hoppers which you can fill with two separate bean types as well as two grinders for grinding two types of beans simultaneously.

This machine also features two different nozzles so you and a partner can each enjoy a different flavor of espresso. With eight different drink pre-sets , this unit will automatically froth the milk or you can use the attached frothing wand if you’re feeling creative. Best of all, it’s designed to be compact so you won’t sacrifice counter space when adding it to your kitchen. Granted, this is a very expensive espresso machine but it will be just as comfortable on your countertop as behind the counter in a coffee shop.Rating: 4.5/5