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The concept of an instrument capable of walking the line between acoustic and electric guitar isn’t unfathomable, it’s just that in most cases people would assume the answer lays in an acoustic-electric guitar. But that is no longer the only horse in the race, as Paul Reed Smith’s 245 Semi-Hollow body proves. Its LR Baggs/PRS piezo system allows players to play an electric guitar that can also conjure acoustic tones. True to form, this thing has two output jacks, allowing you to route the signal to an electric or acoustic amplifier/DI soundboard. Of course, if you want to combine the signals into one sound, a separate blend control drives both signals through a unified output.

The cross-pollination doesn’t end with the output sound. The 245’s body is made of carved maple in the front, and mahogany in the back. Combined with the mahogany neck, this is a guitar that can play warm and deep tones just as easily as brighter and more soaring sounds as well. Available in a variety of colors, including some dazzling options such as Blood Orange, Faded Whale Blue, and Jade, this thing looks as stunning as it sounds.Rating: 5/5

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