Pearl 6.5x14" Reference Pure Snare Drum

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    Pearl's Reference Pure Snare Drums have become the choice of top professionals because they’re so well made. While many pros have the budget to choose any snare drum, most end up choosing choose Pearl's Reference Pure for its pure sound and great features. These drums have a hybrid shell which is part birch and part maple, making it perfect for rock music. The birch brings out the powerful sound, while the maple offers warmth that sounds great in the studio.

    A lot of attention to detail has been directed toward this snare drum to produce a truly elite product. The 45 degree bearing edge creates a tight attack and crisp sound while the hardware features are some of the best around and are very durable constructed. The Reference STL Swivel lugs are designed to hold tension well to create a consistent tone while the 1.6mm "Fat Tone" hoops can easily withstand powerful rim shots and retain a consistent pitch.

    The drum also features a Glide Lock strainer that holds snare tension better than other strainers. The snare themselves create a very crisp sound and are very sensitive to extreme dynamic playing. The drum is available in multiple sizes and finishes or even matched to your drum set if you prefer. I recommend the 14x6.5 inch size for its full sound and strong attack which is most appropriate for rock music.Rating: 4.75/5

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