Pearl Masterworks Drum Kit

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Expert Review

Pearl’s Masterworks drums are the best sounding Pearl drums available as these Masterworks kits are completely handmade which contributes a lot to their amazing sound. Everything about these drums is customizable including the shell material, thickness, and bearing edge. You can choose between maple, birch, African mahogany, and hybrid shells while Pearl’s Superior Shell Technology creates a perfect sonic chamber inside each drum and produces an amazing tone. There are even three different bearing edges to choose from for the ultimate sound customization.

The hardware is also completely customizable with different options for hoops and lugs. You can choose between die-cast or triple-flanged hoops and one of three different lug designs. Pearl’s BRL lugs are designed for tonal consistency and the bridge and STL lugs are designed for a more open and ringy sound. You also have your choice of three different tom mounts that are some of the most durable available. The finish can be customized to almost any color you desire; in fact, you can even send in a piece of fabric or a color swatch and Pearl will match the color!Rating: 4/5

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