Penn-Plax Here & There & Everywhere Hamster Home & Traveler Cage

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    For my fourth choice, I have chosen the Penn-Plax Here & There & Everywhere Hamster Home & Traveler Cage. This hamster cage has dimensions of 16.6 inches x 11.1 inches x 6.4 inches and is constructed with multi-colored bright plastic and wire. This cage has one floor but has tubing that runs to the top of the cage that lead your pet into a small traveler cage. The traveler cage can then be removed and taken with you, however, the traveler is very small, and I would not recommend that your hamster be left in it for very long. This hamster cage includes a locking front door, the removable traveler, funnel tube, small water bottle and non-tipping food dish. The package also provides a hide out, bed fluff, hamster chews, salt lick and a soft tip brush. The wire bars are set close together so your pet will not escape and is easy to clean and maintain. This hamster cage can be snapped and unsnapped and then be easily washed with soap and water. The sides on the bottom of the cage appear high so that the litter will stay in the cage. The only downside I see is that after putting the accessories in the cage, like the exercise wheel, there is not much room left for the hamster. Also, there is no way to expand this hamster cage to make it more roomy. Still, this would work as a hamster cage for one hamster as a starter habitat.Rating: 4.25/5

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