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    Pennzoil Platinum performs well, is easy to find at retail locations, and costs much less than boutique synthetic oils such as Redline or Amsoil. You can pick up a 5 liter jug for around $20 from Walmart, making it an excellent value. Used oil analysis of Pennzoil Platinum consistently shows very good results, even with long oil change intervals. Factoring in a combination of performance, availability and value, this is one of the best overall synthetic oil for most drivers.Rating: 4.25/5

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    • Liggy Liggy

    Perhaps it is time for Bestcovery to update their information in this category. Pennzoil's Ultra outperforms its own Platinum oil significantly and due to extreme stability and detergency, does not significantly contribute to sludge/deposit formation. In fact, Ferrari now insists that it be used from factory fill onward to maintain clean engines and peak performance. Check out their website.I recently purchased two new (2011) BMW and Audi vehicles, and learned about Pennzoil Ultra when I was searching for a motor oil that met both BMW LL-01 and VW 502.00 high standards. A bit pricier than Platinum, but if you're spending the bucks on synthetic, than a little bit more coin to get the best of the best is not hard to digest.

    Posted on 5/12/2011 6:57 pm | Reply
    • specialist specialist

    My newer GM car has a specification for oil quality and viscosity. They also have sensors that measure certain engine environmental run parameters and those result in a % oil life readout in the car based on the measured parameters. You change the oil as that nears 0%, or annually, whichever comes first. In my case the specification doesn't call for synthetic oil and based on my first year it seems I'll fall into the once per year oil change category, with conventional oil. This is following my owner's manual recommendations. I do think synthetic oil is better, but I question whether there are any real measurable advantages to exceeding the car manufacturer's specifications for engine oil. There may actually be measureable advantages, but if there are, I suspect they are probably very limited. So, if I do use a synthetic oil, I certainly don't need to quibble about how much better a more expensive synthetic version is based on a series of tests that in the end may not be all that relevant to my situation. Penzoil Platinum already exceeds the requirements for an annual oil change on my car. Conventional oil meets those requirements. I might spend an extra $10 a year for a full synthetic oil such as Penzoil Platinum just because I think it is a better oil, even if I don't actually need a better oil. In my opinion, anything more than that is a waste of money. Some would argue the extra $10 is a waste.

    Posted on 3/7/2011 9:50 am | Reply
    • StrokerJon StrokerJon

    Some LEXUS idiot started a pissing match with me. He or she has yet to cite any relevant facts to prove that the purple junk is better than Amsoil. I'll be waiting for the LEXUS dumbass to tell us all about a study done by an independent lab that shows any RP product testing better than the Amsoil product. I won't be holding my breath though because LEXUS person can't do what I'm asking. If they could they would have already.

    Posted on 1/16/2011 4:44 pm | Reply
    • jeffery.surratt jeffery.surratt

    Go to Google search royal purple 20w50 review-The fourth item will be motor oil wear test-you will find some good info. This guy tested 44 motor oils with some surprising results. Pennzoil Ultra tested the best but there are many good oils on the list. Royal Purple did not do so good. I used RP 20w50 in a 1996 Buick Roadmaster with the LT-1 350. Got 110,000 miles on motor final odometer read 210,000 miles. I just do not think RP is worth the price. I will be trying Havoline PRO DS Oreillys has it 5 qts for $25.95 with a mail in rebate for a $10 Oreillys gift card, you can do 10 qts for 2 gift cards, thru 8/26. That gets the price down to $3.19 per qt before tax. I do not think Amzoil is worth the price.

    Posted on 8/20/2014 11:59 am. In reply to StrokerJon | Reply
    • nateparham nateparham

    Hello all Its Nathan again to state a fact . Amsoil OE oil which is a 100% synthetic with The dexsos, ilsac 4 and 5 and api testing . Actually can be delivered to your front door at reatail price for $7.43 a quart. The Pennz Plat through Amazon even with free shippin comes out to $8.46 per quart and i think you still need to add tax. You could even save more if you became a preferred customer for $10 dollars for 6 months, you could get OE delivered tax, shipping and all for $6.14 a quart as a preffered customer. Move up to the best move up to AMSOIL . Feel free to buy the best oils available at You can contact us for with any questions or concerns. Thanks

    Posted on 12/24/2010 5:48 pm | Reply
    • jeffery.surratt jeffery.surratt

    You can buy Pennzoil Platinum @ Walmart for $25.17 in the 5 qt jug. That's $5.034 per qt. Just fact no B. S. That is an $11.98 savings per oil change. I would never buy oil from Amazon when there is a Walmart store 1 mile away from my house. When Amsoil starts selling at Walmart I might buy it.

    Posted on 8/22/2014 9:29 pm. In reply to nateparham | Reply
    • autopro autopro

    heres some food for thought , shell owns pennszoil , shell is one of the best gasolines you can buy , shell is a top tier gasoline , few brands make the cut under this standard set by a few auto manufactors , google top tier and see for yourself , so you see my point here right

    Posted on 11/6/2010 1:35 am | Reply
    • nateparham nateparham

    The columnist needs to get the facts straight if you do a price comparison per 3000 miles per quart you will see AMSOIL is the best and the cheapest . The idea that its hard to find , well it is not in walmarts and big chain stores i agree. If anyone wants AMSOIL feel free to go to my website or go to AMSOIL website . oh yeh did the columnist mention that AMSOIL is dilivered to your frony door you save gas and time not having to go to the store to get your oil an filter. If you have any questions feel free to contact me The protection of AMSOIL is top quality and not many can even compare to the quality and protection of AMSOIL products. I can send you all the studies you need to make an educated decision no opinions just facts . Thanks and when you are ready to move up to the best move up to AMSOIL.

    Posted on 10/24/2010 1:50 pm | Reply
    • jeffery.surratt jeffery.surratt

    Check my post above where the guy tested 44 different oils. I will agree Amsoil tested very well. But the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum tested better. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum $7.44 per qt. Amsoil Signature Series $11.50 per qt. I would never run any oil 25,000 miles between oil changes. I change my oil once per year about 10,000 miles. $25-$35 per oil change depending on what high quality 100% synthetic I use.

    Posted on 8/22/2014 9:56 pm. In reply to nateparham | Reply
    • Gearhead Gearhead

    Ratings of oils should be listed by oil group as well. For example, Pennzoil Plat. is a group III+ base stock, where Redline oil is mostly a Group IV base stock. The additives in pennzoil probably do make it the best off the shelf group III+ oil you can buy. The european formula of Castrol (i.e. German Castrol) is a higher quality group IV. I am surprised that Motul 8100 X-max didn't make this list at all. It is a very high quality group IV oil, right up there with redline and amsoil, if not better. If you want the best street oil, Motul 8100 X-max is really incredible.

    Posted on 7/2/2010 11:54 am | Reply
    • Anonymous Anonymous

    Several synthetic motor oils that were not tested have demonstrated their superiority in any number of empirical tests. Primarily Valvoline the oldest oil company in this country. Pennzoil recently acquired Quaker State and their history of problems to increase market share. Mobil#1 was the first major synthetic to market and still commands about 75 to 80 percent of the market. Castrol which turned simply into a blender was acquired by B.P. The major's have always had the resources to fund the research. Little known and the smaller producers remind me of the 200 mpg carb. that the government has kept secret along with aliens. Like P.T. Barnum once said there's a you know what thats born every day. Was in the oil busines a very long time and dealt with most of the majors.

    Posted on 6/25/2010 7:44 am | Reply
    • strawnoose strawnoose

    I've used Pennzoil in every vehicle I owned since I started driving and had No engine related problems.I now have a 95 GMC Truck and alternate between Pennzoil and Pennzoil Synthetic.I've replace water pumps,alternators and components of the engine.I now have over 200,000 mi. on my truck and she still runs good.I change oil when it should be changed.That is the life of the engine.I wouldn't use any other oil but Pennzoil.

    Posted on 6/9/2010 1:40 pm | Reply
    • Kramer Kramer

    I have used Mobil 1, Amzoil, and Castrol in three Subarus. All have run very well and keep a high MPG over years of driving. Change filter around 7k and change at 14 or so. Always have 150,000 or more worry-free miles. Trying Pennzoil this time. PS :Have used Mobil 1 since it was introduced years ago in many cars . . . always great . . . never any mud.

    Posted on 2/13/2010 2:52 pm | Reply
    • Anonymous Anonymous

    The Big Brother EPA is forcing carmakers (& oil companies) to lower the lead & phosphorus in oil to protect the cat. This, is heavy handed Big Brother now in your engine, in addition to your personal life. Lead & Phosphorus is needed and is beneficial to cat coverters. Lowering it (called zddp) extends the cat but harms the top end of engine. Notice Pennzoil doesn't mention how much they put in because they don't put any in! Bad news!Valvoline SynPower has 800ppm, which is a heck of a lot better than none, but still not enough. Educate yourself.

    Posted on 2/11/2010 4:13 pm | Reply
    • nateparham nateparham

    Actually zddp is an additive that is an anti wear additive used by most companies today . Part of an additive package that helps engine life . If your engine does not burn oil there is less damage in the cat period. Sounds like you need to do a tad bit more research b 4 u point fingers on who needs education .

    Posted on 2/1/2011 1:40 pm. In reply to Anonymous | Reply
    • tom tom

    Anyone have an experience with using a synthetic oil in Sabaru boxer 4 cylinder engine?

    Posted on 1/10/2010 8:50 am | Reply
    • Anonymous Anonymous

    they rate it number one because they are not only looking at antiwear and viscosity retention that other tests are looking at exclusively, they also factor in price and availability. Pennzoil is a good balance of them all and if you read the explanation above you would already know this. I ran 5w-40 in my 4.6L F150 and at the 5000km interval it hadn't burned a drop (was around 3/4 a liter per 5000kms before) i'm very happy with it.

    Posted on 12/9/2009 8:37 pm | Reply
    • Benjammin Benjammin

    All *AMSOIL* tests show Redline comes in second. While Amsoil has an independent lab perform the tests, they have 100% control over what is submitted for testing. For all I know, Amsoil could be sampling dozens of batches of competitor's products to find that one batch that came from the factory out of spec, or at least the one with the weakest concentration of additives. Or in their own case, they could submit a product that had a bit of extra "TLC", if you know what I mean.Take those Amsoil tests with a grain of salt, they are one of the most unscrupulous oil manufacturers around, IMO. They use the 4-ball wear test as a comparative motor oil testing tool, when the 4-ball wear test is irrelevant to motor oils. Also, some of their salesman are like brainwashed Pit Bulls, preaching those Amsoil test results like they are gospel and attacking everyone who questions them. I'd bet a brainwashed Amsoil salesman will reply to this response.

    Posted on 1/20/2010 4:00 pm. In reply to Anonymous | Reply
    • nateparham nateparham

    I will respond only to say speak truths not opinions. Its a conspiracy i guess , or at least in your mind. The first company that has been on the for front of synthetics since 1972 with the first in almost all synthetic break through is setting up the results huh. AMSOIL is the first in synthetics and is always been the best, test after test by independent labs not AMSOIL labs show the facts not opinions. Feel free to move up to the best move up to AMSOIL .

    Posted on 2/1/2011 1:31 pm. In reply to Benjammin | Reply
    • Alkis Alkis

    ALL tests show that AMSOIL Syntetic ASL is better and the Redline comes second... How did they got those results?

    Posted on 8/20/2009 1:53 am | Reply
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