Peterson 403858 BBS-1 BodyBeat Wireless Synch Pulsating Metronome

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    Peterson’s BodyBeat Sync metronome is one of the most innovative metronomes to ever be introduced. It’s most important feature is it can produce a pulsing vibration which is felt and not heard. The transmitter can be attached to your belt and you can literally feel the beat without having to listen to a click. This feature is unique to the metronome and allows drummers to listen to their playing rather than focusing on hearing the click. If you prefer the traditional aural click, this metronome also has an internal speaker and headphone jack.

    The BodyBeat Sync has all of the common advanced features of regular metronomes such as a large tempo range and multiple subdivisions. It actually has the largest tempo range of any metronome available spanning from 10 280 BPM. It has a rechargeable battery that charges while connected to your computer via USB. While connected to your computer, you can use the unit’s Body Beat Sync software to create tempo maps or import one of the presets. It’s easy to practice with because it has a tap tempo feature and several subdivision as well as beat options. Another very unique feature is that this metronome can be wirelessly synced with other BodyBeat metronomes and click at the same time, so each member of a band can have their own individual BodyBeat clicking a universally shared time.Rating: 4.25/5

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