Phil & Ted's Sub4 Jogging Stroller

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Expert Review

The Phil and Ted Navigator Stroller is truly a one-of-a-kind stroller. It features a state-of-the-art, geometric design which allows you to maximize your stride and keep a natural pace. The lightweight design is super responsive to your movements, yet it balances weight distribution so that you can keep full control of the stroller with just one hand while allowing you to keep your natural posture. With dual disc brakes, which can be operated by they handle, gives you full control over the stroller. The front wheel locks so you can enjoy increased stability and safety when hitting the jogging trail or trail that's off the beaten path.

An extra padded seat and a motion control hub with full suspension and torsion control bars help to absorb shock and keep baby extremely comfortable. To top all of this off, you need just one hand to fold this stroller and it folds virtually flat making it super easy to transport. Want to see your newborn as you walk, or planning on having another little one? This stroller can be converted so that the seat can turn around and face you as well as accommodating another seat to comfortably transport two tykes at once.Rating: 5/5

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