Philips Avent Basic Baby Monitor w/ DECT Technology

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    If you are looking for a baby intercom, Philips makes one that has a sensitivity adjustment, so that you will be able to adjust just how responsive your unit will be. This control will allow you to hear only as much of your child as you want to. It is not necessary to hear every breath, or every whimper, by limiting the sensitivity level you will be able to screen background noise, and respond only when your child really needs you. These adjustments are easy to set once you walk through the tutorial, so that you can adjust them from both the parent, and the child units. You will also not experience any third party interference from these wireless units, so there is no need to be concerned that a passing frequency will startle your child awake. The battery backup will also assure that if the power goes out, there will not be any loud alarm to notify you. A simple light will indicate that it is operating on battery power, so you can address the issue at your convenience. There is also another noise level light for those who can't hear very well. With this, you have the option of turning off the intercom, and activating a light bar that will light up according to the noise in the room. This way, you will not have to actually hear your child, but will be able to see from the indicator light that they are calling out for you. A great feature if you are having guests, and want to be quietly alerted to your child's needs. Because these units are equipped with a two-way chat feature, you will also be able to sooth your child without actually being in the room. These intercoms are designed by Phillips that has a long history of wireless communications so you can be sure that you are getting a quality product, at an excellent price.Rating: 4.25/5

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