Philips DVT6500 Voice Tracer Digital Recorder

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Expert Review

There are so many things to like about the DVT6500, it's no wonder this unit made our list. First, the 3mic high-fidelity microphone array picks up sound from three directions using one omni-directional main mic and two side mics to read left/right and front/back sound to create multi-layered surround sound recordings. Second, the unit has a motion sensor to detect whether the device is standing up or lying horizontally. This helps the device adjust microphone sensitivity in order to provide you with the best possible recording quality.

Functionality is what makes this device a top pick; it's equipped with a USB port to transfer your files easily, you can record in MP3 or WAV and MPEG, there's variable-speed playback, a pre-record function that can pick up five seconds of sound prior to full depression of the record button, and voice-activated recording to conserve battery life. You also get 4 GB of built in storage capacity and a micro SD slot that can accommodate up to 32 GB of additional memory. There's one other thing you get here that the other guys don't offer - a wireless remote. That's right, you can start, pause, and stop recording even when your device is on the other side of the room.Rating: 4.25/5

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