Pioneer BDR-2209 16x Internal BD Burner with Software

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Expert Review

In terms of read/write speeds, this is just as good as, or better than, any other model on the market. This model actually has write speeds on Blu-Ray of up to 16x on single-layer discs, 14x on dual-layer discs, and even up to 8x on triple-layer discs. Even other burners out there with multilayer support usually can't burn that fast, which truly sets this model apart. For older media, it has write speeds up to 16x on DVD and up to 40x on CD, which is pretty much as fast as you could want.

When reading from media, this model has speeds up to 12x from Blu-Ray, up to 16x from DVD, and up to 40x from CD. It also has 4MB of buffer memory which is comparable to most other burners and it provides excellent protection while writing data to a disc. You also get a good amount of software with this pick, including programs for playing Blu-ray and DVD movies on your computer in addition to burning both data and home video discs using this drive.Rating: 5/5