Pioneer PRS-A900 Amplifier Stage 4 4-channel

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With the PRS-A900, Pioneer observes a different design philosophy. This expensive amplifier is designed for Pioneer's flagship 'Stage 4' system, which focuses on maximum audio fidelity. Compared to other high-end amplifiers, 50 watts per channel seems downright laughable. This may be what the PRS-A900 offers in terms of raw power, but where this unit really shines is in its internal design. In an effort to produce the clearest, most accurate, distortion-free sound, Pioneer has cut no corners and spared no expense when engineering the PRS-A900. As a result, the PRS-A900 comes with two separate power supplies to eliminate noise caused by lesser amplifiers when mixing signals. This attention to detail is continued with the built-in heavy-duty capacitors which are designed to keep the power flow smooth through spikes and drops. Pioneer also identified vibration as a key cause of distortion and went to great lengths to remove it, and the PRS-A900 comes with a specially designed shock-absorbing chassis and copper mounts for the transistors. While none of this attention to detail is strictly necessary, it shows just how much Pioneer put into designing the PRS-A900 - a high-performance amplifier that places its focus on being as accurate and pure as possible as opposed to pumping all-out power through your speakers.Rating: 4/5

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