Pioneer SP-FS52 Andrew Jones Designed Floorstanding Loudspeakers

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Expert Review

Sporting a surprisingly natural, spacious sound for speakers costing $129 apiece, the FS52 are the speaker that perhaps best demonstrates Andrew Jones tremendous influence in creating high quality speakers at a price that fit within just about anyones budget. Pioneer has always been competitive in the realm of home audio, but the FS52 are a landmark product for the industry, offering sound quality normally reserved for speakers costing double to triple their price. They create an airy, three-dimensional sound, and the triplet 5 1/4 inch woofers produce substantial bass impact on their own; they cant dig deep like a dedicated sub, but they have enough body to sound surprisingly realistic on their own in a smaller space. They produce a midrange that is neither pushy nor recessed, and their treble response is very smooth and natural for a budget speaer. While they are still lower end speakers, and thus not intended to produce enough volume and dynamics for larger home theaters, they should sound great in most living rooms or bedrooms; they will do well in a complete system for any space under 350 square feet or so, but over 400 might be pushing it. Overall the FS52 are an impressively detailed, spacious, and neutral speaker for a rock bottom price, and those looking to get the absolute maximum bang for MSRP buck out of their system need look no further.Rating: 5/5

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