Pioneer SP-PK52FS 5.1 Surround Speaker Package

Expert Review

Pioneer has established a new standard for affordable home theater with their new 5.1 system. Matching, and in many cased beating, the overall sound quality of numerous setups in the $1,000-$3000 range, Pioneer's latest system stands head and shoulders above the rest of its similarly priced peers, introducing a new level of soundstage performance, detail, and timbral accuracy to the sub-$1,000 segment. That doesn't make it the best choice for everyone, though. Some will doubtless prefer Klipsch's more typical, exciting take on movie theater-esque sound, but it can't be denied that the PK-52 plays on an entirely different level in terms of accuracy, refinement, tonal realism, and just plain overall quality. While its bass is not as strong, nor its treble as bright, as the Klipsch setup, Andrew Jones has utilized every last inch of this system to produce realistic sound, rather than "enhanced" sound. Bass never overshadows the midrange or sounds out of place, and its highs are prominent but never harsh. Rooms over 4,000 cubic feet might want a bit more bass power, but this system is still an incredible value even if you plan on spending another $200-$300 on a better subwoofer. Overall the PK-52 showcases undeniably fabulous sound quality for the money, and is an easy system to recommend for anyone who isn't a real bass head.Rating: 5/5

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