Polk Audio PSWi225 8-inch, 100W Wireless Subwoofer

Polk Audio PSWi225 8-inch, 100W Wireless Subwoofer Add to MyBests

Expert Review

Polk has a great reputation in just about every segment of the audio industry, and is often thought of as a safe choice when it comes to audio components: they typically offer a good value at each respective price point, and everything is predictably well-built. The PSWi225 is no exception, and while it’s not at the top of the heap sound-wise, it has nothing to be ashamed of, and competes easily with most wired subwoofers about $100 less than its street price, about what one would typically expect from taking audio components wireless. As expected for both the price range and tech, the PSWi225 begins to run out of steam at around 45hz, sounding woolly and not very well defined in the lowest of lows, and not much can be distinguished below 30 hz. Above that, however, the PSWi225 is punchy, balanced, and fairly well-controlled, sounding great all the way up to 100hz. It isn’t exceptionally fast, but it is detailed and well-textured, suitably so to match up with a decent mid-fi speaker system. It really doesn’t have the most authoritative sound, and personally I would spend the extra $100-$200 on the offerings from JBL or Infinity every time, but if that $150 will be spent on a better receiver or put towards nicer companion speakers, the PSWi225 should do you just fine.Rating: 4/5

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