Polk Audio TL3 High Performance Center Channel Speaker - Black

Expert Review

The TL3 center is integrated very well with the rest of the TL3 series speakers, and performs respectably for its price. The sound signature of the Polks is brighter than any other speaker listed here, edging out the Klipsch Reference by a small margin. This brightness helps create a noticeably wider soundstage than other setups in the same price range. Sibilance can be a problem at times, which also hurts the TL3's presentation depth a bit, but overall the sound is great and there are few other faults to be found. The design is very simple and discreet, and the system's presentation on the whole is low-key and attractive. Easily findable for under $200, the TL3 is a slightly brighter sounding center that should give listeners an exciting sound that performs especially well with movies.Rating: 4.25/5

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