Powell Handmade Conservatory Silver Flute

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Expert Review

From head to foot, Powell’s Sterling Silver Handmade Conservatory series flute is constructed out of solid silver. Its design is made for a resonant, vibrant sound with great projection. Pin-less construction eliminates very small needles connecting keys to the instruments mechanics thereby reducing risk of damage and corrosion to the delicate key system. The key mechanics have been adjusted to provide a smooth, easy to manipulate action.

Powell offers three choices of handmade head joints with this flute: The Philharmonic for more resistance when blowing, the Soloist with a more curved lip plate for better dynamic or volume control, and the Venti to produce sound with a lot of depth and resonance in the highest notes. In terms of the key system, the Handmade Conservatory model is available with an inline or offset-G key and with or without a split E-key and C-sharp trill key for player’s personal preference.Rating: 4.75/5

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