Powercore Competizione Mugello Steel Tip Dart

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Expert Review

Powercore's Competizione line uses 90 percent tungsten alloy barrels and in the case of this, the Mugello dart, utilize a dual grip so it can accommodate many types of shooters. The front of the barrel tapers just slightly which affords a good finger point along a wide grooved grip that sort of resembles the sharkfin grip on the Lumina, but without the severe edges of the angles. Here you get thick rings that are smooth and not as rigid.

The back half of the barrel uses triple ridge grooves that provide more edge to hook your finger on as you shoot. Obviously, every player throws differently and some people will prefer one grip style over the other to match their style of play. Beyond the barrel are Laro shafts, among the lightest and most resilient you can buy today and designed to hold the flight firmly in place while protecting it from contact with other darts on the board. The Mugello may look intimidating but it's a dart that throws very smoothly and evenly each time you play. Once you discover which of the two grips you like the best, this will be a valuable tool in your arsenal.Rating: 4.25/5