Premium FastTrak Self Guided Paint Edger Kit

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    This is a really unique edger, which defies pretty much everything I said in the introduction. What makes it unique is that its not a pad painter, but rather a roller with a shield. That means that you can hold more paint, handle textured surfaces, get right up to the edge and have a shield to protect the adjacent surface from getting painted. A truly remarkable tool, which does what all edgers should do; provides you with a cleanly painted edge, thats right up to the adjacent surface. That doesn't mean that this edger is without any failings though. The design of the tool requires that you use both hands to work it. While that really isn't a problem, it could be awkward at times. The other potential problem is that you cant use it with an extension pole. That means digging out a ladder and setting it up where you want to paint (assuming youre painting high enough to need a ladder). Even so, the results that this paint edger will provide make it well worth the extra effort.Rating: 5/5

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