Prince Tour Pro 100 Tennis Racquet

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Expert Review

Tennis elbow sufferers will find a lot to like in the Prince Tour Pro 100. The Tour Pro 100 has a stiffness rating of 58, making it one of the most flexible rackets, giving it a softer feel and less jarring to your sensitive elbow. The graphite composite racket is balanced at 4 points head light so it feels easily maneuverable. Imagine using a hammer: hold it normally and it's not very maneuverable but makes a solid impact, hold it backwards, the same weight is much more maneuverable but packs less wallop at impact.

The Prince Tour Pro 100's 11.3 oz strung weight is right in the "happy zone" for most players and those coming from lighter or heavier rackets won't have too much to adapt to before feeling the racket to be an extension of their arm. The string pattern is 16 x 18, which you may find a lot easier on your elbow than a traditional 18 x 20 pattern. Try going below the recommended string tension range of 53-63. The racket can still perform with string tension in the upper 40s.Rating: 5/5

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